Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Hollow

I've decided to call my "on the go" project Happy Hollow because that is the name of the fabric line from Sandy Garvis that I purchased about 7-years ago for this project. Today I completed the second of eight stitcheries for this quilt.
here is a look at the fabrics... not a great photographer so sorry for the bad quality. The back ground fabric is a cream colored cotton, not the yellow it appears to be in the first image.

Monday, January 25, 2010

In My To Go Bag

I like to start each year with a new project that works well for staying in the van for when I am running here and there with the kiddos that will involve so waiting. I was a little late getting this year's project together but knowing Sarah had two different appoinments today and another tomorrow I made sure to get it together over the weekend.
I have had this particular pattern and the fabrics to make it tucked away for about 7-years now and am excited to finally be getting it started. With the two appointments today I am well on my way towards getting the first of eight blocks complete.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Snow Ball Dance

Sat. night a lady from church called to ask if I would make a formal gown for her daughter for the high school snowball dance the next Sat. My first thought of course was that it was really short notice but figured I could get one together in a week's time. It was late Monday night however before she purchased the desired materials and Tuesday morning before I got my hands on them. By this time I am starting to stress knowing that I had a pretty busy schedule already for the week but with a couple late nights and one all day run at the sewing machine I have it complete. The pattern they selected was Simplicity's 4070, style F. Being tall, pale and blonde the teal fabric was the perfect pick for her and she was quite excited this afternoon when she came for a fitting and saw herself in the mirror. I am hoping to get my hands on a photo of her actually in the dress and not just one of it hanging from my living room ceiling. I had not had the tulle ruffle on yet when she came for her fitting so we shall see what she thinks in the morning when I deliever it to her....for now though, I am crawling into my warm bed and sleeping. I'm zonked!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mystery quilt finale

Well, I worked most of the day and have it complete with the exception of the outer boarder. I am not totally happy with it however. One of the steps was new to me and boy does it show in the final product. My points in the stars do not line up at all. I tend to be a perfectionist on the things I make and so this flaw is driving me nuts. The square joints are beautiful though. The outer boarder will be done in the grey with the red for the binding once it is quilted.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mystery Quilt 5

Progressing quickly towards completion now....Have a good start on step 6 today but will not finish until tomorrow as other things require my time. Hope ya'll are having a fabulous weekend. We are having a wet one.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mystery Quilt 4

I am on a roll now....hated to have to pull myself away from this quilt this afternoon but other things called for my attention. Don't know that I will be able to get to it tomorrow other then to complete step 5 but Monday will surely find the top complete. Nearly there with step 5 though, so here is a look at step four:

24 of these to go with 24 of these:

More on these two strips in step five

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mystery Quilt 3

Some how I missed photographing one of the steps  in step 3 but here is what we have so far...

48 of these blocks
and 96 of these

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crochet Top

I got a bit side tracked from the mystery quilt putting together this top for Sarah. There is some fabric at Jo-Ann's in their new spring line that I have my eye on for a skirt to go with this top.

It was so quick to put together, taking only three days. That of course included tending to the kiddos and household, so not bad. Think I may have to do one for Ivy Girl as well.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mystery Quilt 2

Well I did not get near as much sewing in this weekend as I had hoped, mostly because another project caught my fancy. But I did manage to complete step 2 of the mystery quilt. Man was there loads of cutting and sewing. Who knew that it would take so long to put togethr 96 of these:

The 48 of these were not so bad though:

And that other project, it is nearly complete and I will share what it is in the next day or two. Miss S is very excited about it though and can't wait till the bunny comes (Easter).

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mystery Quilt Step 1

Today saw the completion of step one and a start to step two. After cutting the six required strips of red and the six required beige strips I spent a little time at the sewing machine and ended up with six of these:

This concluded step 1 so with a little more time before having to pick up my boys I got a start on step two and ended up with 96 of these:

This project is certainly going to involve a whole lot of cutting.

S & I took advantage of mommy being at her sewing machine to break out S's sewing machine she received for Christmas and have a little fun with of the little bits and pieces I was creating.

More on step 2 to come

A Mystery

 started a new project yesterday. Course I did  not get much done on it yesterday or today as other things required my time. It is a mystery quilt, although not a mystery to me as I have had the pattern for over a year now. It was a freebe that was handed out over a six month time frame in quilt club. At the time I did not have the etra funds to purchase fabric for the mystery project and so tucked the instructions away in my quilting notebook for a future time. Well that time is now and although it is no longer a mystery to me what the final design will be I thought it would be fun to blog the progress of it and leave it a mystery for you. So, as I complete each step I will photogrph (not a very good photographer so bear with me on that) and blog the process. It is a six step design so there will be six postings and the final one will reveal the design. For starters here is a view of the fabrics I have selected for this quilt:

"Rouenneries" by French General for Moda
Beige is pattern # 13529
Red is pattern # 13527
Paisley is pattern # 13522
Stay tuned for more....

Jennifer's Quilt

Look what I finally finished this week:

The bride (way back in June) was very pleased with her gift.

Friday, January 1, 2010

S Sews

S had her heart set on getting a toy sewing machine for Christmas. Every time we would leave the house to go some where she'd ask if we were going to get her sewing machine. Although she wanted a "toy" sewing machine I did not get one. After much research I found that there were none on the market that were worth the money. In my search I came across mini sewing machines. The one I purchased for S is a Janome (same maker of the sewing machine I use) and had great reviews. Hancock fabrics happened to have this particular "mini" on sale over Veteran's day and so I picked it up. Although it is not a toy one, she loves it and I am happy with the purchase. It is showing itself to be a great little machine and worth the money. So if you are thinking of getting a "toy" sewing machine, don't. They are not worth the money as they quit working after the first use. The mini's are just a little bit more as far as the money goes ($50 on sale for the one I picked up) but don't give you the head aches and fustration.