Friday, October 31, 2008

Cute Basket

I have admired Pink Pinguin's basket tutorial for quite sometime and final gave it a go on Sat. using some scraps left from making a quilt for my sister. I am please with how it turned out and can see doing may more in the future. Be sure to check out Pink Pinguin's blog for more fabulous example and the tutorial. She posts links to other bloggers who have completed baskets at the close of each of her posts. Be sure to check it out.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sew Busy

Whew! I am so glad this weekend is about over as the last couple weeks leading up to yesterday have been crazy busy. We had our annual Super Saturday craft event at church yesterday in which I organized 4 of the 10 classes and taught 2 of them. Talk about exhausting....I did not want to get out of bed this morning. But I managed to and the day has gone on. Now that we are half way through October I am really getting focused on putting together costumes for the kiddos. I began sewing on my 3-year old's costume this week and I am getting so excited about. She has made it clear for three weeks now that she wants to be a "Pink Princess Butterfly". So we purchased a set of "wings" and I am just about finished sewing a pink satin flower girl dress that looks very "Princess'ish" and she is just as tickled with it as I. Other costumes in the works are those of Little Red Riding Hood, a Magician and an Archaeologist. The last would be for my 10-year old. He always picks some very interesting costumes. Last year he went as George Washington (his hero). A friend of mine also asked that I put together a sleeping beauty costume for her youngest daughter so when I am finsihed here I will head in to get a start on that one. But before I do that I wanted to share some more cell phone purses with you. The two pink ones went to Mum's, one being for her birthday and the other she request for a friend. The other 5 were disperse to ladys at church whom had put in requests for some. They are super quick to put together and always have great results. Another quick project are these Lunch bags: The pattern can be found here. They also work great as gift bags.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bartering Still Works

A dear young woman from church does an amazing job with hair and since I was in need of a new do we worked out a deal. I sew a dress for her daughter and in exchange I get a new hair cut. Being a bit camera shy I did not do a before and after photo session but did get a photo of my end of the bargain before handing it off to Jane. I love the barter system! I've also spent some time this last week working on a couple projects that I'd love to share but as they are birthday gifts for Mum the posting of them will have to await her birthday next Friday...stay tuned