Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Young Artist

Being the proud parent that I am, I just have to take a moment and share with ya'll what an amazing artis my 13-year-old son is. We have known since he was three that he had talent but he never really did much with it until this last week. Over the last week he has gotten bitten with the drawing bug and here are the results of some of his efforts.

Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have named this afghan such because that is the color name of the yarn I selected for it. It looks great in my family room with the Nice Jane fabrics I have been using here.

McCall's 6023

I made up this dress for Sarah yesterday using MCCall's 6023.  I made it a size larger then what she usually wears and now wish that I had not She will ave plenty of growing room butit is just a tad too much at the moment. She loves it however and just had to wear it to church today despite it's too large size.

Slip Cover

An aquaintance at church is dong some redecorating and asked me to do some sewing for her. I actually sew for her frequently. So, over the last few weeks I have done a total of 6 curtain panels, of which I did not get photos of, and a slip cover. I love doing these slip covers. I actually did one for her daughters room a couple years ago and just loved it. Some day I might actually get one made for myself. We are in the process of redoing our family room/ home office and I will finally have a designated sewing are aside from the kitchen table when it is complete. Perhaps this will be the perfect spot for a "pretty" chair.