Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beautiful Bride

This beautiful bride is the daughter of a dear friend and what has kept me from my projects the last 2-weeks. Jennifer lives in Hawaii and fitting her gown was a bit of a challenge with the distance. With her arrival home on the 4th, it has been a blur of alterations and adjustments. That and a weekend trip to Bakersfield to visit with my uncle and aunt. More on that here. 4am Friday morning found me putting the final stitch in and me hitting the sack for a two hour nap before final preparations for the 11 am wedding. This project was a learning experience in many ways as it had me doing things I'd never done before. Finding a modest pattern was impossible so that was my first alteration. Then there was the plus size issue, patterns in her size were tough to come by. Defiantly a market that is being missed. With her mother's help and four attempts we finally got a beautiful, modest fit. I did think we should have put an organdy overlay on the skirt but with the time constraints we had to let that pass. And how about that groom, does he looked pleased or what!

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