Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Currently on the Hook

I felt inspired by this granny afghan to make one for Miss Sarah's bed. She is very excited about it while I have been wondering what I have gotten myself into when I figured out I need 384 squares to make it the right size for a bedspread. 192 White squares and 192 colored. 11 whites and 13 colored done....loads more to go. Still debating about throwing in a yellow and red...the colors currently selected are already what is in use in the girls' room but I think I may want to add yellow and red.

I also like this pillow by the same woman and have that o the go as well...not sure that I am lovin' my rendition however.

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marina said...

love the crochet squares especially the big one. Looks like you have a few projects to keep you busy at the moment.