Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vogue 7681

I have never used vogue patterns before but a very special young lady is getting baptized in a couple of weeks and so I wanted to make a dress that is just as special as she is. When I saw this pattern I just had to give it a try. For Kate, I decided to go with view C with a white organdy overlay on the skirt. With working outside the home now, it took me a bit longer to put it together then it would have in the past. I also don't think I have ever done a dress that required so much hand work but it was rewarding all the same. I wish I could be there in Montana to see her reaction when she receives it in the post on Monday or Tuesday. Misty, don't forget to send me a photo of her in it...and maybe one of Kate's reaction when she sees it. Thanks~
As usual, my photos are not the best but here is a look:

I did shift the flowers along the waist line around  a little after I took this photo. The center one was shifted to the left and another added in to the right to make it look a bit more even.


Julia said...

The dress is beautiful - you're so talented!


Misty Foster said...

It is beautiful! Kate is very excited! Thank you so much! You are a dear friend!