Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Presents

I have slacked a bit on the blog but not on the projects. Here is a peek at some of the items I worked on for Christmas.
coordinating pillowcases for my girls

 For a co-worker who loves frogs
 Also for co-worker
 Hopscotch and Twilight for my 14 year old son who has been hinting for a couple years now that the quilt he has had since he was 3 is just too babyish

 For another co-worker
 and this one is for #2 son who loves to snuggle under quitls and afghans while he reads or watches TV
 I forgot to get photos of this one before packaging it for Christmas and so this is him on Christmas day. He spent the entire day wrapped in it as well as everydday since then.

1 comment:

marina said...

what gorgeous gifts!
love the crocheted afghans and the quilt, the pillowcases are so cute.