Friday, December 20, 2013

Barbie Dollhouse

I am nearly finished with the girls' Christmas present. I decided back in the spring to make them a barbie doll house after finding some plans on the internet. In my research I came across several that I liked parts of and decided to take what I liked from each idea and make one of my own. I also came across a guy on Etsy that makes fantastic barbie doll furniture (all unfinished wood)while researching and bookmarked his site. Last month I purchased a bunch of items and then set to work constructing the house with a bit of help from Isaiah, who is interested in learning woodworking. It has been so much fun putting this together for the girls and is nearly ready for Christmas, just a few finishing touches to go. It is a project that we can continue to improve upon as time goes by so that will add an extra element of fun for the girls. Have a look at what I have to date:

1 comment:

marina said...

what a labour of love!
the house is gorgeous. Just waiting for the barbies to move in.