Sunday, November 2, 2008

Costume Parade

Well here is a look at the children in the costumes I put together for them. Sarah, at three almost four was very insistant that she wanted to be a "Pink Princess Butterfly". So I found a flower girl dress pattern that had a "princess" look to it and jumped on Jo-Ann fabric's $1.99 a yard sale of costume satin and together with some trim I already had was able to put this together. The wings and crown were also purchased at Jo-Ann's using 40% off coupons. Why pay full price if you don't have too :-) My original plan for Ivy was that of Raggedy Ann (at 2 1/2 years she is still young enough to not put up a fight on what she wants to be) but things fell trough on putting that costume together so we pulled out the Little Red Riding Hood costume I made Sarah last year. It fit perfectly and she was a doll. Isaiah was quite happy to recycle the cape I made for last year's Dracula and with the addition of a red satin bow tie and a cumber bun he made for a handsome magician. Now perhaps it is because he is the oldest or maybe the fact that he is a history buff, but Caleb always comes up with the most interesting costumes. Last year he went as George Washington (his hero) and this year he chose to go as an archaeologist (not Indian Jones mind you but an archaeologist). This costume was a bit more interesting to put together as we had to really use our heads to come up with props that would help show that he was not Indiana Jones. I think my favorite prop was that of the pastry brush (for brushing dirt off the fossils). He also put some of his favorite rocks into the bucket he carried (which also housed his candy). I hope each of you had a fun and memoriable Halloween....Happy Haunting to all

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