Monday, November 24, 2008

Santa's been Busy

Well here it is just three days prior to Thanksgiving and I am proud to say that my Christmas shopping is complete. I can almost say the same for the gifts that I make but not quite. Over the weekend I completed aprons for the girls to go into their stockings (Santa is bringing them a kitchen) and completed Sarah's Christmas dress. Now on to Ivy's. While working on the pink apron for Sarah she happened by and saw what I was working on. She was absolutely sure it was for her since it was pink so I told a bit of a white lie and said, "It is for a little girl at church". Luckly I have done enough sewing for friends at church that she totally believed me and well, it is for a little girl at church, my little girl. I think that is one of my most favorite parts of Christmas, the homemade gifts. And this Christmas I have succeeded in making most of those that I am giving. The biggest of which is still in construction. My husband has wanted a denim (jeans) quilt for about 10-years and I am finally getting off my rump and getting it made for him. I'll be sure to post photos of it at some point prior to Christmas. Some of my other fun holiday gift projects I will not be able to post as the recipient (Mum) checks this blog out frequently and rather then letting the cat out of the bag I will have to hold those till after the holidays. But speaking of the holidays, I love Sew, Mama, Sew's Handmade Holiday. There are loads of great gift ideas and links to more fun things. Be sure to hope over and check it out if you have not already.

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The Gatherums said...

Love those aprons. They will last them for a while and hopefully have lots of joyful cooking moments with mom.