Monday, December 29, 2008

Playing Catch-Up

With all the sewing I've done over the last two months for church activities and Christmas gifts I got slightly behind in both of my BOM clubs. So today I devoted some time to playing catch-up and am now just one block (set of 4) behind. Hopefully tomorrow will find that one complete. But here is a look at those completed today: Block #3 in the $5 club: Balkan Puzzle

Block #4 in the $5 club: Sunlight and Shadow I really like this block and am contemplating making a large quilt just repeating this block throughout...we will have to see.

Month 3 in the Kaleidoscope of Kolor: Sister's Choice Star (set of 4) and Month 4 in the Kaleidoscope of Kolor: Star of Wonder (set of 4)