Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Obsession

I've started out the new year with a new obsession. A kind woman from church gave me a bag full of yarn about a month ago and I was thrilled with all the possible projects that came to mind. Then I discovered 5 skeins of sock yarn. My mother taught me to kint at about age 11 or so but I have always preferred crocheting. Then I made my husband these wristlets for Christmas and I started to like knitting. After making another pair of wristlets for a neice I decided I was ready to try my hand at making socks. Boy am I hooked! I made these for Sarah using a random skein of yarn from "the bag" as a practice run and I love them, as does Sarah, the new proud owner. The boys and Ivy are now clammoring for a pair of their own and so I think it is time to bring out the sock yarn and give it a try. From the remaining yarn from Sarah's socks I had a go at a scarf pattern a friend shared and made this for Ivy. When I went to take a photo of her modeling it I found her like this and so Sarah became my model. Isn't she CUTE!

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