Friday, January 9, 2009

2 UFO's Down Too Many More To Go

Well, I managed to finish up two UFO's this week but the list of those yet awaiting their turn is still dreadfully long. I signed up last week to participate in Kris and May Brit's challenge hoping that would spur me on to getting things done and it has. That and a lot of freed up time. The first thing I managed to complete were these two skirts for my girls. A friend from church had given me the fabric back in October following her daughter's wedding (they used the fabric for table cloths)saying to use them for something for the girls. I had planned on making the skirts but it just turned into one of those projects that always gets pushed to the back burner when something else crops up. I found the tutorial for this skirt somewhere on blog land about a year ago or so but the idea can also be found in this book as well. They were really quick to put together and the girls love them. I am now thinking about embroidering/appliqueing butterflies on their tops to go with the butterflies in the fabric. My second project of the week has been on the back burner since Feb 2008 and I am so excited to have the top completed and I am loving how it turned out. It all started with this quilt that I put together with BOM blocks. At the start of the BOM I had in mind to purchase fat quaters of the fabrics used each month to make the outer border which was completed last Feb 08. That left me with nine of these strips and the wheels began to turn. I had seen many quilts done in this style and decided that is what I would do with the leftover strips and so I purchased the brown for the background. Then the project promptly went to the back burner and stayed there until now. And it was worth the wait.

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