Saturday, March 21, 2009

Little Mama

Unforunately I have nothing craft wise to share this week. I have done quite a bit this week with needle and thread but it is all swap stuff that can't be shared just yet. I did complete items for three of the swaps I am participating in and will be walking down to the post office Monday to mail them out. Three of you will soon find some treats on your door steps.....hmmm wonder who it could be. Since I had no crafty photos to share I thought I'd share this one of my Ivy Girl. While finishing up one of my swap items yesterday I heard a suspicious noise from the direction of the bedrooms and went to investigate. I did not find trouble as I thought I might but instead found Miss Ivy reading to her dolly. Her auntie gave her this dolly for Christmas and she never leaves home without it. A friend of mine has nicknamed the doll "little Pirate". As you can see one eye is closed. This eye has refused to open from day one, hense the nickname.

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