Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Little Home Makeover & Ivy's Quilt

It has been a super busy two weeks. Now that the work on our roof and ceilings is complete I have been painting each room. The girl's room came first as I needed to get them moved back in. They got a lovely soft shade of pink (Shermin William's "Romance") after having had white before. The bathroom came next but was mostly just touch ups from when I painted it last winter. Painting the new ceiling was the main task there. Then I moved on to the living room this last Monday and after priming the sage green that was there originally this is what we have now: Shermin William's "Blonde" Wasn't quite sure I liked it at first but now that the photos are back on the walls I am loving it. Now I am on to stripping wallpaper from the dining room/Kitchen and then these rooms will also have their coat of paint. Then the new carpet can go in. In the middle of all this home makeover I was able to get Ivy's Quilt back from the quilter and the binding put on. She is thrilled with it and loves to snuggle in it.

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