Friday, July 24, 2009

Christmas in July Revealed

My partner Jeanette received her parcel of goodies earlier this week so I am now free to share what I made up for her. I had loads of fun doing this swap and was able to make up two patterns that I have wanted to try out for some time. Last night I went out to do something in the yard and noticed my neighbors setting up for a yard sale. My eye was immediately drawn to their patio set that I have coveted for sometime from my side of the fence. I assumed it was a reproduction that is really popular in stores right now and was blown away to learn that it is a vintage set that had belong to her mother. She was busy talking to her brother when I walked up so I asked her husband what they were asking for the set. Oh, how about $20. $20!!! wow, I will take it. She was not to pleased when she heard how much I had paid for it as she knew the value of what she had. The double glider alone is selling for a minimum of $100 is stores right now for the reproductions so imagine what a vintage one could fetch. Not to crazy about the blue though so I may paint them red, white or black.

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