Sunday, July 19, 2009

Everything is Starting to Come Together

What a week! I started refinishing the kitchen cabinets this week and found that the project was a tad more then I thought it would be. It is starting to come together though and the white that I am painting the cabinets is a nice compliment to the wheat color that I painted the walls. Red is a gorgeous accent to the wheat so my plan (already in effect) is to accessories with red. When I wasn't stripping/sanding/painting cabinets I worked on catching up blocks for the Kaleidoscope of Kolor Quilt Club. Saturday was the second to last club meeting. The first Sat. in August we will all get together to share the results of our efforts. Worked a little last night on putting it together and this is what I have so far: I did missed Sat. club however because I spent Friday night with my Ivy Girl at the hospital. She was admitted over night due to respiratory distress brought on by croup. Sarah had it the first part of the week but did okay with it, just the cough and sore throat. Ivy on the other hand was pretty sick. A raging fever for two days plus the cough and sore throat and then the over nighter in the hospital. We came home yesterday mid morning and other then a little trouble with breathing in the night last night she is doing loads better. Never had to deal with croup and hope it does not appear in our midst again.

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Julia said...

That's great Kymberly - love the colours and very neat too! Sorry to hear about the problems with the little ones - hope all will be well soon:0)