Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh Happy Day

I have spent the week attending cub scout day camp with my boys and each day when we'd arrive home I'd disappointed to find that my parcel for the Christmas in July swap had not arrived. That changed today however when I arrived home and there was this in the post: When I turned it over to see whom it had come from I could not resist a squeal of excitment. It was from Peg! I discovered Peg's blog about two years ago and since then it has become one of my favorites. Peg is such a talented lady and so generous with what she sends in swaps.....Just look at these treasures she sent me: Aren't they amazing! I love them all and am thrilled. The kiddos, of course were fast to claim the lollies. Thanks a million Peg, you've made my day.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Bit of a Challenge

Can I just say how glad I am that I have finally completed this portion of the quilt. I have never been so frustrated in putting together something. This thing practically had me in tears. I took out more seams then I can count due to stupid mistakes and not paying close attention. With the exception of the outer boarder the top is complete and I am relieved. Sat. I will be running a friend to the airport and so will take advantage of the opportunity to run by Fabric Depot to purchase fabric for the outer boarder and backing/binding. Dispite the challenge this presented I would like to make another in the future. This one will be going to Mum when it is complete.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Christmas in July Revealed

My partner Jeanette received her parcel of goodies earlier this week so I am now free to share what I made up for her. I had loads of fun doing this swap and was able to make up two patterns that I have wanted to try out for some time. Last night I went out to do something in the yard and noticed my neighbors setting up for a yard sale. My eye was immediately drawn to their patio set that I have coveted for sometime from my side of the fence. I assumed it was a reproduction that is really popular in stores right now and was blown away to learn that it is a vintage set that had belong to her mother. She was busy talking to her brother when I walked up so I asked her husband what they were asking for the set. Oh, how about $20. $20!!! wow, I will take it. She was not to pleased when she heard how much I had paid for it as she knew the value of what she had. The double glider alone is selling for a minimum of $100 is stores right now for the reproductions so imagine what a vintage one could fetch. Not to crazy about the blue though so I may paint them red, white or black.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Everything is Starting to Come Together

What a week! I started refinishing the kitchen cabinets this week and found that the project was a tad more then I thought it would be. It is starting to come together though and the white that I am painting the cabinets is a nice compliment to the wheat color that I painted the walls. Red is a gorgeous accent to the wheat so my plan (already in effect) is to accessories with red. When I wasn't stripping/sanding/painting cabinets I worked on catching up blocks for the Kaleidoscope of Kolor Quilt Club. Saturday was the second to last club meeting. The first Sat. in August we will all get together to share the results of our efforts. Worked a little last night on putting it together and this is what I have so far: I did missed Sat. club however because I spent Friday night with my Ivy Girl at the hospital. She was admitted over night due to respiratory distress brought on by croup. Sarah had it the first part of the week but did okay with it, just the cough and sore throat. Ivy on the other hand was pretty sick. A raging fever for two days plus the cough and sore throat and then the over nighter in the hospital. We came home yesterday mid morning and other then a little trouble with breathing in the night last night she is doing loads better. Never had to deal with croup and hope it does not appear in our midst again.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Up, Up and Away

I am so excited today. As soon as I complete this posting I will be out the door to post this pile of treasures. I have had so much fun putting things together for .... and hope they are well recieved. Before I go though I want to share one more sneak peek. Isn't this little guy cute as can be.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bargain Shopping

I missed attending quilt club in June due to the wedding and so yesterday when I took Miss Sarah to the doctor I decided to stop by the shop and pick-up the block kit I had missed getting at club. It was so worth the stop when I found out they were having a huge sidewalk clearance sale. Everything was an additional 50% off the lowest marked price. Unfortunately there was no fabric~darn! Upon checking out with all my bargains I learned that today (Friday) they were sweetening the deal even more. So a friend and I headed out first thing this morning arriving at the shop 20 minutes prior to it opening. We were the second people there but the line quickly grew. The deal...purchase a cloth bag like those is shops these days for $5 and you could walk away with anything you could fit in the bag paying no more then the $5 for the bag. My friend walked away with 6 bags full for a total of $30 and I with 2 for a total of $10. I also got an additional bag and let the kids join the fun. The kids came away with a nice selection of art supplies and kid crafts. Once home I went through the items I had selected and found that I had about a $1000 worth of merchandise for $10. I am still, hours later, giddy with excitement. And it's even better that I can mark a few things off the Christmas gift giving list. This frame is in a dark red tone and goes well in my kitchen and of course that little cutie is my Ivy girl. Was also able to get three in black and 1 in a creamy white with plenty of room in the bag for a load of crochet, knit and quilt books and patterns, scrapbook paper and more. This clock was too big for the bag but I thought $6 was a bargain fom the original $50. It measures 26.5 inches and looks great in my living room. This is one of four that I snagged. They measure 8.5" and I thought they'd go over well for Christmas gifts. Original price was $25. I figure with everything else I was able to get in the bag with them I paid about 15 cents for each. This neat bird cage went in the bag with the kids art supplies. Filled the cage with all their supplies and then put their other finds around it. It looks very nice on the bookcase in the living room now. My Christmas tree should look pretty good this year with these added to what I have already collected. Also got a few extra to include in the Christmas in July Swap. These fit real well into the baskets we found and could not live without. We had loads of fun and hope they do this again next year as we will be sure to go again.

Wonky Houses

Finally completed the wonky house wall hanging and was able to deliver it to my friend Denise for a belated B-day gift. Course I started it well before her birthday but the wedding put it to the back burner for a time. Denise was pleased with it though so I am happy. I used Cottage Romance by MAywood Studios for the piecing.