Sunday, March 14, 2010


This little outfit is turning out so sweet. Just have to sew on the buttons and make the diaper cover and it will be ready to post to my cousin who is expecting girl #2 here in a couple weeks. I am noticing that I am growing a bit particle to this shade of green since doing up Ivy Girl's Easter dress last month. Just something about it.

And another little gift (crayola portfolio) for the big sister who is still little herself:

Once I fill it with crayolas, stickers and paper that is.

And since I spoke of Easter dresses I will share those as well. All is done on them with the exception of putting the bow and flower on Ivy Girl's. The boys will have coordinating ties and new suits as they have both outgrown their old ones.


marina said...

That green fabric is gorgeous. I can see why you like using it.
Crayon holder is very cute too. I love the cats on it, they look like they are jumping out of a hiding place.

Thimbleanna said...

Ha! I was just thinking about Easter dresses this morning and wondering if anyone makes them for their little girls anymore. I used to love it when my mom made ours. Good for you -- they're adorable!

AMIT said...

Its looking superb and excellent outfit.

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