Monday, April 25, 2011

Playin' Catch-up

Boy have I been falling behind in my posting. Working full time outside the home and full time inside tends to make that happen I guess. But I have a few minutes to spare and can play catch up with sharing some of the things I've been working on.

1st up is a little outfit I've been working on for Ivy Girl. I am using up some remaining fabrics from the girls' Easter dresses to put it together. It is not quite done yet but will be in the next day or so when I have a free minute but here is Ivy Girl proudly modeling it as a work in progress:

 I stumbled upon this pattern back November and tucked it away in my file of things I want to make with the plans to make each of the girls one for Easter. I was surprised at how quick they were to put together, 4 hours start to finish for each of them.
 A co-worker saw me working on these for the girls and asked if I might make some for her grandaughters and so I had fun with these three:
 I Forget where on blog land I found this little pattern for these bunny cute sachets but I could not resist making three to go in mum's Easter parcel. Sorry about the blurry photos.

 And of course there is the girls all decked out in their Easter dresses ready for church.

 Ivy Girl is our little bag lady and LOVES her new purse. She totes one bag or another everywhere she goes. And it is usually loaded with paper, her favorite thing in the whole wide world, next to mommy of course.

I have also completed two more Raggedy Ann blocks but have not photographed them to share yet. I shall try to do that in the next few days.


speckless said...

Ohmygoodness! Your little purses turned out sooo cute, and I love the flower embellishments. I'm super happy that you enjoyed the pattern!

Kim said...

Super cute of course. You are one talented lady.

marina said...

your catch ups are just gorgeous. The girls look so sweet in their dresses and bags.
The little jeans and top are really lovely.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how sweet! You've been busy and I love it all. Thanks for the link to the little bags. Your flowers and ric-rac embellishments on everything are wonderful!

speckless said...

I'm testing out a "new" project -- starting a Flickr group of completed projects/patterns from my blog, Ravelry, and Etsy. Are you at all interested? I'd love for you to participate!

The group is called Speckless Makes (makes, as a noun), and here's the link:

Thanks so much for your time!