Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Raggedy Friends Blocks 2-6

I picked up a book by a new to me author about a month and a half ago and then had to read every book by her. In finding her other books at the library I discovered another author and had to find all her books as well which led to a third author. So needless to say I have not touched my Raggedy Ann blocks until this week because I have had my nose stuck in 30 some different books. I did rather enjoy my little sabbatical from the craft world as it was the first time I have done such. At the same time it has been nice this week to be back to the needle again.
I did complete blocks 2 and 3 before my little detour and will probably have block 5 completed this afternoon following my monthly Costco run. Block six is put together but awaiting it's little Raggedy images.
 Block 2
 Block 3 (did you notice my error in this one)
 Block 4
 Block 5
Block 6

1 comment:

marina said...

I love the colours you are using, they are lovely and fresh.
Couldn't pick the mistake?