Sunday, May 4, 2008

Payton's Dress

Whew! 3 hours of sewing and a dress is complete for Mac's neice, Payton. She turns 8 on the 12th and will be baptized on the 31st of the month. I made each of her two sisters their dresses when they were baptized and so wanted to do the same for her as well. I had asked her a while ago what style of dress she wanted and her reply was "something simple". So I took in mind the style of dresses I often she her wearing and found Butterick's #4435. I was pleased when I found this fabric at Jo-Ann's and thought it would be perfect for the dress. However, I was in for disappointment when I got home and found that in the sunlight what I thought was white fabric is actually more of a creamy white. But dispite the color mix-up the dress went was a breeze and I am really starting to get a handle on doing a rolled hem. It is something I have been practicing and I am getting alot more confident with it now. This particular pattern is a fun one, I have done it once before in style A for a girl at church. Here is a look at the completed dress. There was a bit of a breeze going so the hem of the dress kept getting blown so the view of the base of the dress is not as good but you get the idea.

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