Saturday, October 17, 2009

Balloon Ball

A friend of mine recently received one of these at her baby shower and I was totally smitten with the idea.

So, I snagged her's and brought it home to make a pattern with the promise to her two boys that I would bring each of them one of their very own. They pretty much just follow a basic fabric ball design and then you add a button hole in one end. You then insert a balloon through the button hole and blow up the balloon. I made both of my girls one today in about 45 minutes and they are now enjoying loads of fun with their balloon balls. Course, Annie, our corgi is enjoying the fun too as she chases their "Balls" down the hallway or across the living room.
These are great for children of all ages, even my ten year old is having fun with them. They are intended more for babies and toddlers though as they can have the fun of playing with a balloon without the worry of them biting the balloon and putting it in their mouth.

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SLee said...

how do you make a balloon ball cover?
am very interested in making one.
thanks kindly