Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

My partner for the Stitcher's Angel swap is spoiling me rotten, and I LOVE it. I received another parcel in the post yesterday from her and it was filled with some more wonderful items. She does the most amazing stitches and her work is gorgeous. I am just tickled with all that she has sent. After being totally stood up on two of the last three swaps I've participated, in this has been so wonderful. She has done each item using Fig Tree fabrics which are perhaps my most favorite fabrics. Whenever I am asked what my favorite color is I alway think of this designer as there are so many wonderful fabrics by her.  I thought I would know with this parcel the identity of my angel swapper but she was too clever and has left me in suspense a tad longer. Another big THANK YOU to you, whom ever you are....and a huge hug to you as well. You made my day.

I love this needle case she made for me with all it's little pockets

And this mat for my sewing machine is fabulous. I have been admiring the ones I've seen here and there on blogs and was a tad sad that I had no one to make one for (always forget that I can do one for me, but I don't) and now I have the best one right under my machine.

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