Saturday, December 5, 2009

For the Nieces

A couple of projects of late have been this afghan for my niece Whitney and the rag quilt for my niece Jasmine. Last year at Thanksgiving I had asked both what their favorite colors were. Whitney loved pink and black so I picked up yarn in those colors and started this afghan shortly after the new year. It was my on the go project that stayed in the car to work on when at doctor appointments and such. I completed it about a month ago but have dragged my feet on getting it posted. It is now under their Christmas tree awaiting the big day.

Jasmine has always loved green but in the last couple of months has added purple to the list. When I saw the floral flannel shown below at Jo-Anns I had to get some to make something for her for Christmas. I have not done one of these rag quilts for several years but with the other fabrics I found to go with the floral I thought it might be just the thing for Jasmine. She is pretty tall so I made it a bit longer so she can curl up under it while she reads a book or watches tv. I did not have it complete when they were down for Thanksgiving so it will soon be on it's way to join her sister's afghan under the tree.

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