Saturday, December 19, 2009

She's Gonna Love It

So I started this art caddy the other day for Ivy Girl and I was surprised at how quickly it came together. The pattern calls for just using grosgrain ribbon for the handles but seeing as how I am giving it to my 3 year old for Christmas, I worried the handles would not be durable. So with the exception of the handles the tote is complete. I am thinking of using the ribbion as stated in the pattern but putting webbing between the two layers to make it a bit more durable. Any thoughts on that? Once I decide for sure what to do with the handles this tote will be complete within minutes.

Ivy is going to love it though and I can't wait to see her excitement Christmas morning when she sees her tote full of paper. For those that don't know, Ivy LOVES paper, and I mean LOVES. I vaccumm the girls' bedroom daily and tidy up the room before hand. Almost daily I will find that she has gone into the home office and gotton a stack (sometimes even a whole ream) of paper and hidden it under her bed. As my husband says, you would think she would find a new hiding spot given that it is clear the one she has has been found out. She always has a little stack in her hands as well along with a pen, pencil or color crayons.

So this will be perfect for her. Once I get the handles on that is and fill it with paper.


marina said...

That looks gorgeous Kymperly. For the handles What about cotton 'webbing' like you find on aprons? You can find nice colours in that.

Amanda Davis said...

I love this one too. I have a few kids who would love this one too. They loved their color crayon bags!