Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tree Presents

Since Mum is currently somewhere over the US making her way to our home I thought I'd take a moment to share a couple of projects I have worked on over the last month but could not share. She won't be checking things on here between now and Christmas so I feel I can go ahead. We have a tradition that we love here called "tree presents". These are small, low cost gifts that we hide in the christmas tree and open following Christmas dinner. One of the fun things about this tradition is that it helps Christmas day seem longer, as it seems to fly by so quickly. So, we start the day with our stockings, have breakfast and after everything has been cleaned-up we head to the tree to open presents. Then after spending the day cooking we enjoy a yummy dinner. Following this clean up we head back to the tree for tree presents.

Tree presents being  low cost items I am always on the search for new ideas. attending two craft fairs in our area in October and November I was able to get a couple ideas. I have seen the idea several times before of the nylon net scrubbies and had had the thought of making some but had not done so. Then I saw a new take on the scrubbie at the Nov. craft fair and for $1 purchased one to take home and make a pattern from. A recent estate sale in my neighborhood found me with loads of the netting for dirt cheap and so I set to work making some of these:

The pink one is the one I purchased to make a pattern from. They go quite quickly and are super easy and I think will work great as a tree present.
The other idea I got from the Oct. fair was this idea for a flop mop.

Upon seeing it I knew mum would not only want one for herself but for some of her friends as well. Since I was able to get 7 from a bath sheet this was no problem. The cherry fabric was left over from another project so the total cost of each came out to about $1.50. Another low cost, fun tree present. This project was also fairly simple but very messy once you cut into the towel. I was covered in little black bits of terry cloth, as was the floor and table.


marina said...

Christmas does seem to just fly doesn't it? Not always a bad thing lol.
Merry Christmas and hope your day lasts for you.

Amanda Davis said...

Love this idea! Maybe my floor would look cleaner if I had one of these.... good easy class for enrichment I see in the future.. Oh I am not incharge anymore so maybe not!