Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mystery Quilt Step 1

Today saw the completion of step one and a start to step two. After cutting the six required strips of red and the six required beige strips I spent a little time at the sewing machine and ended up with six of these:

This concluded step 1 so with a little more time before having to pick up my boys I got a start on step two and ended up with 96 of these:

This project is certainly going to involve a whole lot of cutting.

S & I took advantage of mommy being at her sewing machine to break out S's sewing machine she received for Christmas and have a little fun with of the little bits and pieces I was creating.

More on step 2 to come

1 comment:

marina said...

it will be great to see it progress. The 'rouenneries' fabrics are great.