Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Mystery

 started a new project yesterday. Course I did  not get much done on it yesterday or today as other things required my time. It is a mystery quilt, although not a mystery to me as I have had the pattern for over a year now. It was a freebe that was handed out over a six month time frame in quilt club. At the time I did not have the etra funds to purchase fabric for the mystery project and so tucked the instructions away in my quilting notebook for a future time. Well that time is now and although it is no longer a mystery to me what the final design will be I thought it would be fun to blog the progress of it and leave it a mystery for you. So, as I complete each step I will photogrph (not a very good photographer so bear with me on that) and blog the process. It is a six step design so there will be six postings and the final one will reveal the design. For starters here is a view of the fabrics I have selected for this quilt:

"Rouenneries" by French General for Moda
Beige is pattern # 13529
Red is pattern # 13527
Paisley is pattern # 13522
Stay tuned for more....

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