Friday, January 1, 2010

S Sews

S had her heart set on getting a toy sewing machine for Christmas. Every time we would leave the house to go some where she'd ask if we were going to get her sewing machine. Although she wanted a "toy" sewing machine I did not get one. After much research I found that there were none on the market that were worth the money. In my search I came across mini sewing machines. The one I purchased for S is a Janome (same maker of the sewing machine I use) and had great reviews. Hancock fabrics happened to have this particular "mini" on sale over Veteran's day and so I picked it up. Although it is not a toy one, she loves it and I am happy with the purchase. It is showing itself to be a great little machine and worth the money. So if you are thinking of getting a "toy" sewing machine, don't. They are not worth the money as they quit working after the first use. The mini's are just a little bit more as far as the money goes ($50 on sale for the one I picked up) but don't give you the head aches and fustration.

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marina said...

How fantastic! I agree it isn't worth getting the toy one. She will learn quite well on the 'real' one.
It will be so much fun for both of you!