Sunday, April 20, 2008

Twirly Skirt

A friend of mine has a 4-year old daughter who has suddenly decided that she will no longer wear pants. She insists that she is a girl and that girls only wear dresses and skirts. My friend, Amber, then came to me with some fabric asking if I would make Lucia some skirts. I did not photography the first two that I made, although the first one, in blue and white, turned out pretty cute. The third one however was by far my favorite. I had found this tutorial several months ago for a twirly skirt and have been wanting to do one. So I used this green print that Amber had provided along with a blue for contrast to put one together. When I first saw the green print I was not to taken with it but once I completed the skirt I was in love with it. I've now decided I need to get some to make my Sarah one. When I took the skirt over to Amber on Thursday afternoon I was not at all surprised to learn that she had gotten more fabric and not only wanted another twirly skirt for Lucia but one for her daughter Natalia as well. I feel in love with the fabric right away and was disappointed when she told me that she had purchased the last of it. Yesterday I went to another Jo-ann location to find the contrasting pink and was thrilled to find that this store had 4-yards of the blue floral. HURRAY!!!!! So I now have enough to make both Ivy and Sarah a twirly skirt as well as a dress. I completed Amber's two skirts last night and left them on her door this morning on my way to church. I hope she is pleased witht hem.


Catherine said...

Came to your blog via Sarah's. Have put my name down for the Chrissie Swap also. Love the skirts. I have 2 daughters and they always loved twirly skirts when they were little too!! Cathyxx

Sarah said...

Hey kymberly! Thanx for visiting my blog and joining my challange. Hope you have fun.
Keep an eye out in 2 weeks for your partner.
Sarahn x