Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fun Fabrics

Whew! What a morning. I've been at the sewing machine for a good portion of it completing some projects that had been requested. In addition to the market bag I complete yesterday for Mum I also made a tote bag that she asked for in a western theme. She teaches line dancing and has a friend from her classes that she wanted to give a special gift to. So a tote bag was requested for her dancing shoes and then to go with it, one of these fun water bottle holders and a tissue cover to complete the set. I am so in love with the fabric and if I had the extra spending money right now I would go out and get enough to make a baby-size quilt, and I have just the right pattern in mind. It is so darn cute and just hollers to be done up into a baby boy's nursery set. After completing these projects I set to work on two additional water bottle holders. One on it's way to mum with the other items and the other I am saving for a gift for a friend. I absolutely love blue and yellow together. It is perhaps my most favorite color combo and I have always invisioned one day having a guest bedroom decorated in this color scheme. As I worked with these fabrics I again had visions of a quilt in mine. Oh to have unlimited money to allow for all these fun fabrics. Oh can still dream though :-)

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