Friday, July 25, 2008

Christmas in July Ornament Swap

I have been so impatient waiting for this day to come. I participated in my first swap ever and today was "opening" day. Sarah hosted a "Christmas in July Ornament Swap" that was loads of fun. My parcel arrived from Australia about 2-weeks ago and it has taken all of my will power not to cheat and open it early. But BOY! was it worth the wait. The Ornaments I recieved from Christine are wonderful and coordinate perfectly with my Christmas decoraions. THANK YOU Christine....I love all of the wonderful goodies you sent. I love that she thought to wrap evrything in Christmas paper. I did not think to do that for Cathy and now I wish that I had as it makes for a fun touch. I hope that Cathy is as pleased with what I sent as I am with what I recieved. Marry Christmas in July everyone.


Christine said...

Glad you liked the ornaments. They were fun to make ... and hard to part with. LOL

Sarah said...

Very nice Kymberly! Worth the wait
x Sarah