Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine's Children's Swap

My boys and I are new to the world of home schooling this schhol year and thus far it has gone pretty well. The boys' one complaint has been that they will not get to do valentine's day at school and so I set out to find a way to make the day extra special for them. In my search I came across this blog and found that she was hosting a children's Valentine's swap. The boys were very excited about the idea and so we submitted our names to participate. We have had so much fun getting things together for our swap partners (the girls have partners as well-could not leave them out of the fun)and look forward to heading to the post office tomorrow morning.

Kidlet Wall Pocket Tidy Tote Pattern from: JC Handmade Stuffed full of goodies for the kiddos

Blue Wren's Mini Tote pattern from: Natalie

For the moms

Cell Phone Totes and Water Bottle Holder

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