Saturday, September 12, 2009

Quick Gifts

Thursday was a pretty productive day. I received an invitation to a baby shower in the post on Wednesday for a shower on friday night. Feeling a slight twinge of panic at the late notice I hunted through my fabric stash. I had made this same outfit for a friend a little over a year ago for her little girl and had just enough fabric remaining to put together another for this shower. I love this pattern as it is so cute and super quick to put together when you need something in a hurray. The new mom to be was very pleased with it. In addition to that Ivy had been invited to a party for a little friend from church and needed a gift. Another quick gift idea is the crayola roll. With the remaning fabric I was able to make a little purse to go with it. What little girl does not like a purse, and it is even better when there is something in it. I might get hooked on this pattern from Bitty Bits and Pieces for Moda Bakeshop. A quick fun project to put together. I do plan to do an applique on the front, just not the one Kim used in her tutorial. When complete it will go along with other items in the Angel Swap. I hope your week left you feeling productive as well. If not, I am still working on repainting my kitchen cabinates and would love some help. Almost half way through with that project. Had I known what a big undertaking it would be I might have waited for my husband to will get done though and he will return to a "new" house. New in that almost all the walls have been repainted, new carpet and tile put in and now the kitchen.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said... have been one busy girl, everything looks about a woman on a mission....good luck with the painting.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- you're quick! Love all your pretty little projects. Good luck on your kitchen cabinets -- we did that once and it IS a TON of work. We're getting ready to start on my parents cabinets, so I feel your pain!

stangtiff said...

Peyton LOVES her little purse and projects inside. You are so sweet and thoughtful to make those for her.
Sophia loves the crayons too. (GRRRR- the trainer is coming later next week.)
You are amazing. I love your craft blog too!